Colby June’s Gift Sets for the Holidays

Finding that perfect gift for that special someone can be frustrating, but don’t worry the Colby June Team is here to help! This holiday season we created gift sets to give you a little help.  A jewelry set completes the outfit and gives the outfit that finished and polished look. These Holiday Gift Sets are not too matchy matchy, but each piece complements the other very nicely! Check out all of our gift sets for some holiday gift ideas this season!







For more information about the sunstones used in our designs please visit our blog.


Happy Holidays!

Xx  Colby June Team

Give yourself Wings and take Flight with Colby June

We are excited to announce the unveiling of our Fall 2015 Wing Collection.  This collection is all about flight and the sense of freedom that birds effortlessly embody.  In awe of the beauty and function of the wing, Colby June has created a collection that details the wing in a distinctive and elegant way. Focusing on the curvy contours of bird wings and feathers, this collection makes a powerful statement. The collection brings forth the bold and powerful hawk or wise and mysterious raven taking flight.  The pieces are handcrafted in bronze, silver, and 14k gold, punctuated by black onyx and sunstone.  There are both dainty pieces and larger statement pieces, which can be stacked and layered indefinitely.

The Wing Collection will be available for purchase on our Etsy Shop June 19th!