Tiny Drop Necklace


Tiny Drop Necklace


Our tiny drop necklace is the perfect layering necklace. A tiny bezel hangs from a 16" chain.

Available in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold


--3mm Australian Opal ( AAA-Grade, Collection Quality)

Called the “Eye Stone,” opal invites in light energy, creating optimism and enthusiasm for those who wear it. More creativity and fewer inhibitions can bring more daily joy.


-3mm Nevada mined Turquoise


-level 1 fair trade 3mm Wyoming Ruby

One of the most magnificent gems, ruby stands for passion, protection and prosperity. It stimulates the chi, or life-force energy, causing mental clarity and increased concentration resulting in a sense of power.

Colby June sources recycled metals. Many of our gems are fair trade and all of our diamonds are conflict free.