Silver 5mm Stone Warrior Studs


Available in silver + onyx or silver + sunstone

Ships in 5-7 business days



The studs are eye-catching and stack beautifully with existing earrings. Stack with the 4mm stone warrior studs for a bold earring stack.

Sterling silver with black onyx:
The contrasting silver and dusky onyx make these studs powerful and bold.
-5mm onyx
-sterling silver

Sterling silver with sunstone:
The 5mm stone warrior studs are feminine and classic. These studs are designed for a sophisticated woman with an inner warrior.
-5mm Oregon sunstone
-sterling silver

The 5mm stone warrior studs are part of the Bone Collection which tells the story of the woman with a warrior spirit. Certain pieces evoke the raw fierceness of a warrior and others the sensuality and tenderness of a goddess.

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sunstone, black onyx, diamond


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