Series: Meet the Makers

At Colby June, we strive for the most ethical and sustainable way. We are always searching for like minded brands to support. This is the first post in a series on other brands and how they inspire us. By sharing the companies that inspire us, we hope that it inspires you to take a step towards supporting slow fashion and independent makers.

Brass Clothing


Jay Adams and Katie Doyle launched Brass in September 2014 with a small run of 5 dress styles. They were at a point in their lives where they could no longer stomach fast-fashion. Their careers had progressed and they needed to look more professional. They were also becoming increasingly aware of the toll that disposable fashion takes on our planet and people’s lives. While they started Brass to satisfy their own needs, it’s their customer base of smart, strong, passionate women who keep them going.  Moreover, they are forming close, lasting relationships with their factories that are motivated by trust, goodwill, and a devotion to creating an excellent product.

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces and some beautiful pieces that are coming soon!





Casual Spring


The snow is melting and the warm weather is creeping in. These in-between months are so unpredictable. One day it will be as hot as a July day and the next you’re hit with a week long rain storm. For these in-between months here are my go to pieces.

  1. Always have a pair or sunnies. Who knows when the sun will show itself.
  2. Keep it simple with a tank top and if you get a little chilly throw on a sweater.
  3. Black skinny jeans are the perfect blank canvas. If it’s rainy pull on a pair of Hunter boots and if its sunny slip on those Birks.
  4. Layer away with jewelry. This will brighten up any day.
  5. Add a pop of color with a bright clutch. This will remind you that the rainy days will end soon.

Tank top is State Side Clothing. They build wardrobe basics entirely in the USA with the aim of creating modern.