Colby June Photoshoot

We are launching our new collection mid June and we just wrapped our photoshoot. The energy and high spirit were the perfect combination to make this shoot a success. The whole team really pulled out all the stops to create something very special. We had an amazing time and here are some behind the scenes highlights of the day.











Photography: Natalia Mills

Video film: Vital Films

Makeup: Vanessa Leighton

Hair: Carina Redmond

Photorapher’s Assistant:

Models: Courtnay Edwards, Yahaira Benitez and Amanda Redmond

Motherhood: The Ultimate Inspiration

 Mother’s Day is a time to honor the most important women in our lives. It’s also a time to feel grateful for the ultimate privilege of being a mother. 

IMG_3828One of the most incredible gifts of motherhood is watching your children’s personalities form. Witnessing your babies develop their own sense of self is the greatest gift. I have two kids who inspire me daily, in surprisingly different ways. 
My daughter has a very strong will. She is incredibly creative and loves to express herself through fashion. I see much of myself in her as I watch her make jewelry out of beads, paper, wire… or anything else she can get her hands on. I can’t wait for the day she can translate her designs to metalwork. She is fearless and inspires me to be a strong role model on her behalf.  
My son is a truly kind soul. His sweet interactions with his friends and his sister are a consistent reminder to put more kindness into the world. He loves to make order out of chaos, showcasing an analytical mind that I am in awe of, but he mostly inspires me with his genuinely happy and joyfulnature.
I can’t help but feel grateful for the chance to reflect on my children and also all of the wonderful mothers in my life on this day. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Colby June.

Places I Love: Holbox Island




Something in the air on the tiny Mexican island of Holbox tricks you into slowing down. It’s like a step back in time, before the wifi was a word and constant connectivity was the norm. No cars are permitted on the island, so you traverse the dirt roads on foot or by bike with the occasional motorcycle and golfcart breezing by.




Artistic moments of surprise and delight lurk around every corner. In true Mexican tradition, Holbox sponsors a new mural each year, so the town is spotted with the unique art splashed across beautiful, brightly colored walls. The town is brimming with delicious restaurants, lively mercados and endless wildlife, but the truly memorable moments are the quiet ones.



One morning, I woke up early and snuck out before the commotion of the day had begun and wandered into town to pick up a breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice and tortillas for my family. Simple, organic pleasures paint the true picture of Holbox.


DSC_0398 copy

Mostly, Holbox allows you to unwind. This special little pocket of the world gave me the freedom to simply stare, to take in the beauty of nature and to allow my mind to wander without purpose. Unbeknownst to me, my creativity was incubating in these peaceful moments and I returned home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and full of inspiration thoughts.


Thank you Holbox. I can’t wait to return!

Give yourself Wings and take Flight with Colby June

We are excited to announce the unveiling of our Fall 2015 Wing Collection.  This collection is all about flight and the sense of freedom that birds effortlessly embody.  In awe of the beauty and function of the wing, Colby June has created a collection that details the wing in a distinctive and elegant way. Focusing on the curvy contours of bird wings and feathers, this collection makes a powerful statement. The collection brings forth the bold and powerful hawk or wise and mysterious raven taking flight.  The pieces are handcrafted in bronze, silver, and 14k gold, punctuated by black onyx and sunstone.  There are both dainty pieces and larger statement pieces, which can be stacked and layered indefinitely.

The Wing Collection will be available for purchase on our Etsy Shop June 19th!



Colby June in 2015

We are very excited about 2015. We have a new collection in the works that will launch May.  Don’t worry we will give you sneak peeks along the way! We are also gearing up for Valentines Day! It seems like it is still far away, but we are getting ready for our Valentines Day Sale! It will start January 29th and go through February 14th. Everything on our Etsy Shop will be 15% off! Keep checking our blog for more updates throughout 2015. Happy New Year!


The Pinecone Collection

Pinecones have long been embraced around the holidays as a symbol of rebirth, renewal and looking inward for growth and harmony. The Pinecone Collection embraces this beauty, with splashes of color hinting at new life in the winter landscape. What better time for a reminder to breath and find a moment of stillness during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?





Jewelry Class in Austin, TX

I had the opportunity to travel to Austin for a long weekend to attend a wax carving workshop with master jeweler Kate Wolf at Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin.  I will be processing all the information and amazing tips and tricks that I learned for many months to come.  It was so much fun to try new techniques– my favorite being the wax lathe.  I may have walked away with an idea for the next collection but more importantly, I am so excited to start the next collection with my new repertoire of skills and tools.

Most of my time in Austin was spent in class, however I did get a chance to enjoy the Travis Heights area where I was staying.  The neighborhood was so lush with incredible vegetation and diverse homes with lots of character. Toms coffee shop was within walking distance and in true Toms fashion made you feel good about your purchase–each bag of coffee they sell means a week of clean water for one person in Rwanda.  I also managed to enjoy some of the amazing cuisine in Austin.  My favorite was Elizabeth Street Café, a Vietnamese cafe and French Boulongerie.  I savored the delicious pork BÚN and coconut macarons with my friends Stephanie Redmond and Courtney Sames (amazing portrait photographer).

Finding Inner Peace

Life is a journey and in the day to day bustle we need reminders that take us inward and reconnect us with the inner journey as well as the outer journey. The pinecone collection was inspired by a look inward at self, nature, and balance. Throughout history and across cultures, pinecones have been symbolic of inner growth, the third eye, and penial gland (located at the geometric center of the brain regulating sleep wake cycles).  At Colby June we are keeping it simple and rooted in nature–  find balance, follow your intuition, and nurture inner growth.

A pinecone is an amazing feat of nature that is organized in a vary predictable geometric pattern which is not always immediately obvious.  Studying a pinecone gives you the satisfaction of finding order in something that can at first appear chaotic.   The intricacies and complex nature of the pinecone, both aesthetically and symbolically, were difficult to process and translate into simple styles and unique pieces of jewelry.

When I first began work on the pinecone necklaces I was making photocopies of the ends of pinecones and trying desperately to carve from my photocopy into the wax.  After hours and days of using this process I realized that the pattern was a spiral and it would be way more effective to just carve freehand in the spiral pattern.  Here are some of the photos and outcomes from my creative process:


There are over 700 varieties of conifer trees that produce different types of pinecones.  Pinecones for my inspiration were all found in Colorado but I was still left with such a variety in shape, texture, and color.  There are both male and female pinecones.  However the male pinecones are small clusters that deteriorate quickly after fertilizing the female pinecones.  The female pinecones are what we typically think of when we think of a pinecone.  They take 2 years to fully develop (in a few cases up to 3 years).  Once fully developed, the female pinecones fall to the ground and the wind spreads the new seeds.

To see the full pinecone collection visit our etsy site.


Hell Roaring Ranch Photo shoot

We are almost ready to launch our New Pinecone Collection! We just had our photo shoot at Hell Roaring Ranch with Clarissa and Craig  (incredible photographers), Carina (superb hair stylist), and Fallon (our gorgeous model). The Ranch was incredible and we just had to share our day with you guys! Here are some pictures we took of the photo shoot!  We will be posting the final picture by photonectar very soon!


We would love to give a BIG thank you to Clarissa, Craig, Fallon , Carina, and Meredith!