Misty Mountain Ring




Marriage is all about living in harmony, and our newest engagement ring in the WED series is a physical representation of this. A luminous 1.6-carat diamond is set in the middle of the ring, flanked by two bezel-set triangle diamonds which frame the stone. Named Misty Mountain, the ring speaks to the foundation that a solid relationship requires, and its crisp angular lines offer a sense of playfulness with classic design.

Plus, the ring feels good. The milky diamond has an ethereal, weightless aura—and it should. The conflict-free cushion diamond is set in recycled material and solid 14k gold. The design mimics the mountains where it was handcrafted by Colby June and HM Jewelry.




Shell Collection Rings

New rings from the Shell Collection are now available!

Our shimmering shell ring has a gray rose cut diamond set in 14k solid gold. Everyone’s favorite beachside icon is captured in the Shimmering Shell series. The simple nod to a half-shell is both playful and abstract.

An beautiful Australian opal set in a 14k solid knife edge gold ring. Called the “Eye Stone,” opal invites in light energy, creating optimism and enthusiasm for those who wear it. More creativity and fewer inhibitions can bring more daily joy.


6 diamonds flush set in a 14k gold knife edge ring handcrafted for a goddess. The ring is timeless and can be worn alone for an elegant look or put this eye-catching diamond ring in your existing stack.

Shell Collection

Inspired primarily by a single conch, the Shell Collection combines the strength and protective nature of a shell with the playful side of the beach. Where the ocean meets the sand, imagination and inspiration dance between textures, forms and shapes.

Our newest line embraces this place of opportunity with signature rings, earrings and necklaces that are light in presentation but heavy in spirit. Some are adorned with meaningful gems and stones, each of which offer healing powers for the wearer. From protectiveness to vulnerability, the Shell Collection proves that it’s on the inside—and outside—that counts.









So Much to Be Thankful for!


Thankful for all of our amazing customers and their support!

Thankful for the community and incredible town in which we live.

Thankful for Mount Sopris for being a literal solid rock in my day everyday

Thankful for makers who make the world more interesting

Thankful for artistic creators who challenge the status quo allowing us to see the world in new ways

Thankful for my husband for listening to me and being my design consultant ALL THE TIME

Thankful for Amanda for being the best business partner and contributor to Colby June

Thankful for living in a place with insane access to nature

Thankful for the health and happiness of my children

Thankful for Colleen at Corvidae Collective for her support and keeping us on task

Thankful for Clarissa at Photonector Photography for her creative sole and true understanding

Thankful for snow

Thankful for Josh Meyer, our web genius

Thankful for our beautiful inside and out models

Thankful for a good cappuccino

Thankful for Natalia at Natalia Marie photography for her passion, unique perspective, and beautiful photos

Thankful for  Vital Films for their incredible video work

Thankful for Comet (my dog) for coming to work with me almost everyday

Thankful for my incredible space to work


Unveiling the Bone Collection at The Launch Pad

Last Friday was the unveiling of the Bone Collection at the Launchpad in Carbondale. We had an amazing turn out of people from Aspen to Glenwood and want to thank everyone for their support!
We teamed up with  CCAH for the opening reception for “From Our Valley To The World: Four National Geographic Photographers”, an exhibition in honor of Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s 50th Anniversary.
Curated by Andrea Wallace, Anderson Ranch’s Artistic Director of Photography and New Media, the exhibition opened to the public on Friday, July 1, in the R2 Gallery at The Launchpad located at 76 S. 4th Street in Carbondale. The show is comprised of the work of David Hiser, Dick Durrance, Nicholas DeVore III, and Peter McBride, all of whom made their homes in the Roaring Fork Valley while they traversed the world to make the compelling images that define National Geographic photography.
 Anne Buchanan displayed her beautiful jewelry as an Artique Featured Artist at the Launch Pad. Anne Buchanan is an artisan who designs beautiful jewelry from her grandfather’s heirloom feathers.

Green is the New Black


Last weekend was Carbondale’s Annual Fashion Show, Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza. This was our first year being in the fashion show. Each year it’s inspiring seeing the designer’s new looks and performances.  this show isn’t just entertaining– it is about raising money to educate our youth in the Roaring Fork Valley. Thank you Riley Ames Photography for the amazing photography!

Look_Book-104Streetlore by Jami Oliver



5280 Magazine review on the Wing Collection

Birds Of A Feather

Carbondale-based jewelry designer Colby June launched a new collection of avian-inspired accessories with an aesthetic that is neither delicate nor constrained—just like the animal that inspired it.

JUNE 23 2015, 1:00 PM

—Courtesy Colby June Jewelry

Colby June Fulton knows that in Colorado, you’re never too far from nature. So when the Carbondale-based jewelry designer sat down to dream up her Fall 2015 collection, she found inspiration, yet again, outdoors.

While the designer is no stranger to organic muses (past collections have focused on dried leaves found near her Mt. Sopris residence, or bits of coral from Maui, where she lived for a short time), Colby June’s newest creation, Wing Collection, strives to communicate the spirit, just as much as the form, of the animal that inspired it. With the simple shape of a bird’s wing as a starting point for the designs, it was actually the ethos of certain birds of prey, like the hawk or the raven, that determined the mood of the collection. In other words, you’ll find no bird-brained daintiness here.

“We felt like the collection as a whole was really empowering,” Fulton says. The designer’s preferred materials—bronze, silver, and 14K gold—take center stage, but are offset, on occasion, by the deep inkiness of black onyx stones. Marrying organic textures with an overall minimalist design, Wing Collection manages to dispel any idea of birdlike fragility. This is a collection for a woman as elegant—and as tough—as a hawk.

The collection, which is now available for purchase at the artist’s studio in Carbondale and at the Aspen Market, will be also be made available on the Colby June Etsy store and at select retailers beginning July 1.