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Peace is a Lifestyle

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Lead with Love is an annual leadership summit held in Aspen aimed at social impact. I was grateful to attend in the fall. The four-day event was full of inspiring people who are all doing good in the world in their own way, but I was most struck by the impact of Urban Yogis. This Queens, New York-based organization brings yoga and meditation principles to its community, including at-risk youth. The group’s five founders were steered away from violence partially because of yoga and meditation, and thus aim to spread the message to others because they know it works. They were each affected by gun violence and want to make sure youth in their communities have alternative options.

Part of Lead with Love also focused on conscious capitalism. This recognizes that capitalism is essential to humanity because it creates value and is a system for social cooperation. But, it also means that we make decisions about good and bad business every time we buy things. Inspired but Lead with Love and this idea, Colby June is donating 5 percent of its December sales to Urban Yogis. We support this group as it actively works to combat violence and promote compassion in a time when valuing diversity and unifying people is crucial to our existence. Thank you for making the choice to support good business.

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