The Bone Collection: The Dichotomy of The Female Warrior

The Bone Collection tells the story of the woman with a warrior spirit. A woman is made up of many complex facets and the collection serves to represent both the warrior spirit and goddess spirit within each female. Certain pieces evoke the raw fierceness of a warrior and others the evoke sensuality and tenderness of a goddess.



In designing this collection we hoped to represent and engage the complex woman through the blending of seemingly inconsistent textures. The woman who wears these pieces layers her fierce pieces with her goddess pieces to find a balance.



The bone that inspired the collection has smooth sensual aspects and fierce angles, portraying the dichotomy of the female warrior. We incorporated soft sunstone and raw, rose cut diamonds combining strength and gentleness; secrecy and openness. Conflicting but balanced qualities that represent the Colby June warrior woman.

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