Finding Inspiration: The Bone Collection


It’s no secret that Colorado wildlife inspires my work and the Bone Collection is no exception. I can point to the exact moment, and even the exact piece of bone, that inspired my newest collection at Colby June.

While walking along the banks of the Crystal River near Mount Sopris, I found a small bone. I picked it up and as I ran my fingers over the soft curved edges, I imagined where the bone originated. Likely an elk or a deer, but it was alone, on the riverbank, washed up and into my path.

The oldest known pieces of jewelry were objects like this piece, with holes drilled in order to wear on string, and in my minds eye, I imagine that this particular piece would have been coveted in primitive times.


I loved the way the bone was still jagged at the top, with a beautiful but grotesque texture that both pushes you away but pulls you in. The push and pull of nature inspires me daily, and I tried to bring that conflicting emotion of desire into this collection.

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