Found in the Details: The Texture of Holbox Island


Holbox Island is an Instagrammer’s paradise with its sweeping views of white sand beaches, aquamarine waters and hammocks swinging between palm trees. But for me, it’s the tiny details that you only see upon second glace, that I found boundless inspiration.



I was captivated by the sensuality of seaweed. The shapes and textures it formed evoked emotion and expressivity.



Texture is paramount to my designs and nature has taught me the art of contrasting textures in close proximity. From exquisitely haphazard configurations to the most soothing repetitious patterns, variation in wildlife has a purpose and it inspires me to push the boundaries of texture.

The fun of designing jewelry comes in translating the emotion behind the texture. I want to convey the fierceness from a spiky sea urchin and sensuality of a smooth, sand-washed shell.

Colby June is conceived by tiny moments, the unobvious, the subtle. From Aspen Mountain to the beach pathways of Holbox Island, the unassuming details of nature continue to serve as my greatest inspiration.

Colby June Photoshoot

We are launching our new collection mid June and we just wrapped our photoshoot. The energy and high spirit were the perfect combination to make this shoot a success. The whole team really pulled out all the stops to create something very special. We had an amazing time and here are some behind the scenes highlights of the day.











Photography: Natalia Mills

Video film: Vital Films

Makeup: Vanessa Leighton

Hair: Carina Redmond

Photorapher’s Assistant:

Models: Courtnay Edwards, Yahaira Benitez and Amanda Redmond

Casual Spring


The snow is melting and the warm weather is creeping in. These in-between months are so unpredictable. One day it will be as hot as a July day and the next you’re hit with a week long rain storm. For these in-between months here are my go to pieces.

  1. Always have a pair or sunnies. Who knows when the sun will show itself.
  2. Keep it simple with a tank top and if you get a little chilly throw on a sweater.
  3. Black skinny jeans are the perfect blank canvas. If it’s rainy pull on a pair of Hunter boots and if its sunny slip on those Birks.
  4. Layer away with jewelry. This will brighten up any day.
  5. Add a pop of color with a bright clutch. This will remind you that the rainy days will end soon.

Tank top is State Side Clothing. They build wardrobe basics entirely in the USA with the aim of creating modern.