Stay Wild


Colby June is inextricably entwined with nature. The designs you see in my collections are inspired by the tiny details I encounter daily in the Colorado wilderness, from the seedpods on a stalk of grass or the texture of a fallen piece of bark. Because of my intimate and constant dialogue with nature, Earth Day is a holiday I celebrate with passion at Colby June.

I grew up in Aspen so the trees, the mountains, and the sky are in my blood. I can’t imagine a world with out their beauty. The preservation of nature, both the subtle note, like the sticks that scatter my hiking path, and the grand gestures, like a Colorado sunset, is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

For this reason, Colby June is proud to support the Wilderness Workshop this Earth Day. The Wilderness Workshop works tirelessly to preserve the mountains that I grew up on and that inspire my art. It is my hope that the majestic view which I’ve been blessed to wake up to everyday remains a source of inspiration for generations to come. Wilderness Workshop is determined to make this hope a reality.






For more information on the Wilderness Workshop or to join us in donating, please visit their site here.

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