Motherhood: The Ultimate Inspiration

 Mother’s Day is a time to honor the most important women in our lives. It’s also a time to feel grateful for the ultimate privilege of being a mother. 

IMG_3828One of the most incredible gifts of motherhood is watching your children’s personalities form. Witnessing your babies develop their own sense of self is the greatest gift. I have two kids who inspire me daily, in surprisingly different ways. 
My daughter has a very strong will. She is incredibly creative and loves to express herself through fashion. I see much of myself in her as I watch her make jewelry out of beads, paper, wire… or anything else she can get her hands on. I can’t wait for the day she can translate her designs to metalwork. She is fearless and inspires me to be a strong role model on her behalf.  
My son is a truly kind soul. His sweet interactions with his friends and his sister are a consistent reminder to put more kindness into the world. He loves to make order out of chaos, showcasing an analytical mind that I am in awe of, but he mostly inspires me with his genuinely happy and joyfulnature.
I can’t help but feel grateful for the chance to reflect on my children and also all of the wonderful mothers in my life on this day. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Colby June.

Places I Love: Holbox Island




Something in the air on the tiny Mexican island of Holbox tricks you into slowing down. It’s like a step back in time, before the wifi was a word and constant connectivity was the norm. No cars are permitted on the island, so you traverse the dirt roads on foot or by bike with the occasional motorcycle and golfcart breezing by.




Artistic moments of surprise and delight lurk around every corner. In true Mexican tradition, Holbox sponsors a new mural each year, so the town is spotted with the unique art splashed across beautiful, brightly colored walls. The town is brimming with delicious restaurants, lively mercados and endless wildlife, but the truly memorable moments are the quiet ones.



One morning, I woke up early and snuck out before the commotion of the day had begun and wandered into town to pick up a breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice and tortillas for my family. Simple, organic pleasures paint the true picture of Holbox.


DSC_0398 copy

Mostly, Holbox allows you to unwind. This special little pocket of the world gave me the freedom to simply stare, to take in the beauty of nature and to allow my mind to wander without purpose. Unbeknownst to me, my creativity was incubating in these peaceful moments and I returned home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and full of inspiration thoughts.


Thank you Holbox. I can’t wait to return!

Stay Wild


Colby June is inextricably entwined with nature. The designs you see in my collections are inspired by the tiny details I encounter daily in the Colorado wilderness, from the seedpods on a stalk of grass or the texture of a fallen piece of bark. Because of my intimate and constant dialogue with nature, Earth Day is a holiday I celebrate with passion at Colby June.

I grew up in Aspen so the trees, the mountains, and the sky are in my blood. I can’t imagine a world with out their beauty. The preservation of nature, both the subtle note, like the sticks that scatter my hiking path, and the grand gestures, like a Colorado sunset, is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

For this reason, Colby June is proud to support the Wilderness Workshop this Earth Day. The Wilderness Workshop works tirelessly to preserve the mountains that I grew up on and that inspire my art. It is my hope that the majestic view which I’ve been blessed to wake up to everyday remains a source of inspiration for generations to come. Wilderness Workshop is determined to make this hope a reality.






For more information on the Wilderness Workshop or to join us in donating, please visit their site here.