Headed to the Beach


A beach bag at the beginning of a trip and the end of a trip are two completely different things. You start out with all of your essentials neatly organized and by the end of the trip your magazine is in two pieces and there is more sand and loss change at the bottom of your bag than you know what to do with. With the hopes that maybe this trip things will remain organized here are my beach bag musts haves.

  1. The first thing I make sure I put in my beach bag is a cover up, this one by Vitamin A is my favorite. It does the trick and it’s a rashguard. (similar one here)
  2. Followed closely by sunnies. For some reason I have the hardest time remembering to pack them, but are absolutely a beach essential.
  3. long necklace is a beach vacation necessity. It’s the perfect accessory for your flowy dresses day or night.
  4. I never forget all of my lip protection and lip color. I don’t think you can ever have too much because at some point you’re going to misplace at least one. ( Olio e Osso lipstickSugar lipstickHoney Boutique chapstick)
  5. I always have to carry some kind of clip and sun spray for my hair. It’s longer and after the ocean it’s a mess.
  6. I can’t travel anywhere without a Bon Appétit and this trip I will be on the beach relaxing which means I actually get to read all of the articles.
  7. Being hangry is a real thing and for that my cure is Justin’s. It’s my go to.
  8. Jao Face Créme is my saving grace. That is all I need to say.

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