Valentine's Day Date Night

The perfect date is a hard thing to master. I am sharing my date ideas in the hopes that it will inspire you to plan the perfect date for you and your partner. I love to keep date night easy and breezy. When you put to much pressure on the night it usually ends in a flop. Here are 5 date night ideas for Valentine’s day or any night you want to surprise your sweetie! <3

A cooking class. One of my favorite activities is cooking and what is better than cooking with your valentine. You can pick a cooking class that appeals to both of you. It could be Italian and wine or cupcakes and cocktails. Whatever you choose, cooking a meal together is the perfect way to spend your night. Here is a great place to find the class for you.

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  1. A night at the hot springs. Check in to a little cabin. Make sure to grab a couple bottles of wine on the way to the cabin and get ready to unwind. Hit the hot springs all day or stay up all night in the hot springs. Weather you are a night owl or a morning person this is the perfect way to relax with your partner. We have an amazing hot springs just outside of town. If you are ever in Carbondale make sure to check out Avalanche Ranch.


  1. Mix and Match Meal. Go to the grocery store and split up. make a budget of what you can each spend. When you get back home unload your purchases and find a way to make the meal work with whatever you have! Maybe you two are more alike than you think. Perhaps you come up with the perfect Italian meal or you have a random assortment of foods you just have to make work. And make sure you don’t forget ingredients for a cocktail. If you are anything like me you will be cooking the dinner while your partner tries to master a new cocktail.


  1. Go to a distiller or brewery. This is more of a date night for any day. Take a tour and perhaps try something you have never had before. You get to support locals and who knows it just might become your new favorite spot to go get a drink after work. If you are ever in Basalt, make sure to check out Woody Creek Distillers. They do it right.


  1. A new adventure. This one you have to tailor to where you live. Go cross-country skiing and have a picnic, or maybe go on a hike to a water fall and pack a lunch. For me it would be taking snow bikes out on the town. If it is during the day, stop at a cute restaurant for lunch or if its in the evening, make it your vehicle for a little bar hopping!

Let my ideas inspire you and I hope you have the perfect date night! If you have any ideas of your own please share!




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