Fashion Forward Looks For Any Valentine’s Day Date

By Shellay Glatz

Valentine’s Day is always a fun time of year to play around with styles you might not normally wear, and it’s the one occasion where we get to shamelessly push our style a little further than usual in the name of romance. Whether it’s an obviously sexier look or something more casual, here are some ideas and tips for a range of Valentine’s Day date looks that you will feel your best in and have fun wearing on any date.

The Dressed Up Fancy Date




I’ll start with the most dressed up of all options. This would be great for going to a fancy dinner, a fun mysterious night out on the town, touring a brewery/winery, or even just because. The key here is to not be afraid of being the most over-dressed person wherever you go. Own your choice in the bold outfit and walk into the room with all of the confidence in the world. Nothing is more sexy than confidence.

For a dressed up Valentine’s Day date, I chose a white sequin dress styled for a sexy “old school Hollywood” effect.

To achieve this look, I paired this fabulous dress with nude heels to ensure the focus didn’t stray from the dress and to show off my legs. In addition, a thin gold necklace and a pair of small studs or soft dangly earrings would be a great way to accessorize this outfit. Finally, to really bring home that sexy yet subtle “old-school Hollywood” effect, I added soft, romantic waves to my hair and MAC’s ‘Viva Glam’ matte lipstick in a dark, bold red.



  • Be more adventurous with your style and wear something you normally wouldn’t wear.
  • Wear nude heels to elongate your legs and draw more attention to other parts of your outfit.
  • Add a few stacking rings and a couple thin bangles to tie everything together.
  • Make a fancy dress a bit more casual by adding a cute leather coat on top.
  • Glam it up and make bolder makeup choices.
  • Moisturize your lips a day or two prior to rockin’ matte lipstick, as it tends to show every crack on your lips. You want to look as kissable as possible!


The Subtly Sexy Date



For the next date look, I went with a slightly dressed down outfit that focuses on the less obviously sexy features. This outfit would be great for a date involving cooking at home, checking out an art gallery, or grabbing a cocktail.

They key here is being subtle in your sexiness. This is a shirt with a shoulder “peek-a-boo” effect. It’s flowy, comfortable and falls more on the sweeter side of sexy. Paired with dark wash skinny jeans keeps it clean and nude suede heels add that sexy softness. Extend that softness to your makeup; a subtle gold eye shadow and lip gloss keeps it sweet and natural.

This is an outfit you can play with accessorizing a little more – try stacking rings, a delicate bracelet, and bolder dangly earrings. To highlight your décolleté and shoulders, often understated parts of the body with a lot of sex appeal, select a simple necklace that sits just under the collarbone to draw some attention to the area. This is a very versatile outfit that is good for a variety of dates and is ideal if you don’t know what you are going to do (surprise date!).



  • Wear clothing that shows off your understated parts – your décolleté, shoulders, and back can be surprisingly sexy.
  • Keep your makeup soft and natural, use neutral colors, a simple gloss, and gold for a little shimmer.
  • Always have a pair of dark wash skinny jeans in your closet – they are a simple blank canvas that can easily be dressed up or down.
  • Strategically choose your accessories to highlight certain areas of your body. Think about what will work best – short or long necklace, stacked or single rings, stud or dangling earrings.
  • Focus on comfort and versatility dressed up with accessories to look your best for any unknown or surprise date situation.


The Casual Adventurous Date



My final date outfit is based on pure adventure. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who wants to spend the day with you on a motorcycle, explore the amazing outdoors, or take you to a bonfire; this is the outfit for you.

Typically, when people think casual they don’t think sexy, but here’s a way to catch an eye in a less obvious way that still keeps you ready for adventure. Start with a pair of distressed jeans with a tight black tank top (that would be the subtle sexy part). From there, begin to layer.

Layering keeps you warm in what can be a chilly February for some, but it always means you can shed your layers as the night progresses, an element that adds some Valentine’s Day steam to this outfit. I started with a soft sweater, black beanie, and some heeled boots that are extremely comfortable. If you’re going to be walking around somewhere all day/ night, you will want your feet to be happy too – nothing screams “mood killer” like aching feet!

For more layering, try large statement pieces, layer several long necklaces together, add a few bold rings, and play with earring styles. This is where you can dress the outfit up or down, so have fun customizing the perfect outfit for your adventure.



  • Choose an outfit centered around comfort and versatility when planning for an adventurous date. Layer with style, functionality, warmth, and sex appeal all in mind.
  • A tight fitting black top is a must have item for your closet. Mix it up and have various styles on hand.
  • Layering with accessories creates a custom look, but it can easily be taken too far. Make sure to do final edits if needed before you head out the door.
  • Choosing comfortable shoes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Try a short heeled boot or bootie to satisfy both fashion and function.


My final advice to you is simple: try on things you normally wouldn’t pick out, go a little shorter than you normally would, and buy a bold/fun color of lipstick – today is your day, and you will own it! No matter what the date, your Valentine’s Day outfit choice should be something that makes you feel confident and absolutely beautiful. Confidence radiates out of you and is your #1 best accessory! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Date Night

The perfect date is a hard thing to master. I am sharing my date ideas in the hopes that it will inspire you to plan the perfect date for you and your partner. I love to keep date night easy and breezy. When you put to much pressure on the night it usually ends in a flop. Here are 5 date night ideas for Valentine’s day or any night you want to surprise your sweetie! <3

A cooking class. One of my favorite activities is cooking and what is better than cooking with your valentine. You can pick a cooking class that appeals to both of you. It could be Italian and wine or cupcakes and cocktails. Whatever you choose, cooking a meal together is the perfect way to spend your night. Here is a great place to find the class for you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.53.41 AM

  1. A night at the hot springs. Check in to a little cabin. Make sure to grab a couple bottles of wine on the way to the cabin and get ready to unwind. Hit the hot springs all day or stay up all night in the hot springs. Weather you are a night owl or a morning person this is the perfect way to relax with your partner. We have an amazing hot springs just outside of town. If you are ever in Carbondale make sure to check out Avalanche Ranch.


  1. Mix and Match Meal. Go to the grocery store and split up. make a budget of what you can each spend. When you get back home unload your purchases and find a way to make the meal work with whatever you have! Maybe you two are more alike than you think. Perhaps you come up with the perfect Italian meal or you have a random assortment of foods you just have to make work. And make sure you don’t forget ingredients for a cocktail. If you are anything like me you will be cooking the dinner while your partner tries to master a new cocktail.


  1. Go to a distiller or brewery. This is more of a date night for any day. Take a tour and perhaps try something you have never had before. You get to support locals and who knows it just might become your new favorite spot to go get a drink after work. If you are ever in Basalt, make sure to check out Woody Creek Distillers. They do it right.


  1. A new adventure. This one you have to tailor to where you live. Go cross-country skiing and have a picnic, or maybe go on a hike to a water fall and pack a lunch. For me it would be taking snow bikes out on the town. If it is during the day, stop at a cute restaurant for lunch or if its in the evening, make it your vehicle for a little bar hopping!

Let my ideas inspire you and I hope you have the perfect date night! If you have any ideas of your own please share!