Everyone Loves a Nature Wedding

One of my favorite wedding themes is a Nature Wedding. There is something about bringing the organic beauty of nature into a wedding that makes the special day so memorable for everyone. I have put together our favorite Nature pieces. These are the beauties that will always hold a special meaning to you even after the special day.


We have a little something for everyone on your wedding party. We have everyone covered from the Groom to the Mother of the bride!

The Details:

1. Single leaf necklace – for the flower girl
2. Large leaf necklace – for the bride
3. Single leaf necklace – for the bridesmaids
4. Leaf cuff – for the maid of honor
5. River rock ring – for the mother of the bride
6. Large leaf ring – for the bride
7. Sticks ring – for the groom
8. Large leaf earrings – for the mother of the groom
9. Small leaf earrings – for the bridesmaids


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  1. Love the ‘Nature Wedding’ idea! Something about that sounds rather magical, and very down to earth. Would love to come to a wedding like that (or even hold one. A girl can dream!)


  2. I also loves natural wedding.

  3. Tremendous idea of nature wedding…. Jewelry has its own importance on every occasion. Wearing jewelry not only adds to the beauty and grandeur of a person, but it also brings health benefits and now becomes more nature friendly with this theme…

  4. This is beautiful!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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