Beach Wedding

The Beach Wedding. This wedding collection incorporates many pieces from the coral collection. This collection has various textures and forms of a single piece of coral. These pieces have a striking juxtaposition of simplicity and intricate detail.  They will ignite the urge in all of us to have a beach wedding 🙂

The tiny details:

  1. wide raw cuffs – perfect for the bridesmaids
  2. square coral studs – something small and dainty for the flower girl
  3. 14k round coral studs – these beauties for the bride
  4. coral cuff links – a little shine for the groomsmen
  5. coral ring – groom
  6. 14k small coral ring – a gold coral textured wedding band for the bride
  7. 14k small coral necklace – this necklace will go with any bride’s dress
  8. small coral necklace – for the made of honor so she can match the bride
  9. medium coral necklace – and we can forget about the mother of the bride!