Valentine's Day


Every Valentine’s Day seems to be the same drill. This year I am determined to mix it up a little!

I thought I would share some of my ideas in the hopes that they would inspire others to switch it up and do something that will stand out from all the Valentine’s Day Norm. Every now and again you need to spice it up!

– My first one is a little adventurous… I have always wanted to hike up buttermilk (one of our ski mountains) and have wine and cheese at the top.

– Date Night In. It would be themed of course! Maybe Indian or Italian and I could even decorate the kitchen a little.  I would have some kind of delivery on speed dial incase I failed in the kitchen. It happens.

– Once of my favorite places to go is Avalanche Ranch. It is a little hot spring and lodge just out side of Carbondale, CO. It is amazingly beautiful and the view from the springs is gorgeous.

If you have any great ideas of your own please share them!