Jewelry Class in Austin, TX

I had the opportunity to travel to Austin for a long weekend to attend a wax carving workshop with master jeweler Kate Wolf at Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin.  I will be processing all the information and amazing tips and tricks that I learned for many months to come.  It was so much fun to try new techniques– my favorite being the wax lathe.  I may have walked away with an idea for the next collection but more importantly, I am so excited to start the next collection with my new repertoire of skills and tools.

Most of my time in Austin was spent in class, however I did get a chance to enjoy the Travis Heights area where I was staying.  The neighborhood was so lush with incredible vegetation and diverse homes with lots of character. Toms coffee shop was within walking distance and in true Toms fashion made you feel good about your purchase–each bag of coffee they sell means a week of clean water for one person in Rwanda.  I also managed to enjoy some of the amazing cuisine in Austin.  My favorite was Elizabeth Street Café, a Vietnamese cafe and French Boulongerie.  I savored the delicious pork BÚN and coconut macarons with my friends Stephanie Redmond and Courtney Sames (amazing portrait photographer).

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  1. I just ran across this blog online and come to find out you know Courtney Sames also! She is so great! I am a jeweler in Austin, TX and was just perusing the jewelry scene on google and found this. I am so jealous you got to take a class with Kate Wolfe! I bet it was incredible.

    Anyways, maybe we will run into each other at some point. Courtney is a good friend of mine. xo

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