Finding Inner Peace

Life is a journey and in the day to day bustle we need reminders that take us inward and reconnect us with the inner journey as well as the outer journey. The pinecone collection was inspired by a look inward at self, nature, and balance. Throughout history and across cultures, pinecones have been symbolic of inner growth, the third eye, and penial gland (located at the geometric center of the brain regulating sleep wake cycles).  At Colby June we are keeping it simple and rooted in nature–  find balance, follow your intuition, and nurture inner growth.

A pinecone is an amazing feat of nature that is organized in a vary predictable geometric pattern which is not always immediately obvious.  Studying a pinecone gives you the satisfaction of finding order in something that can at first appear chaotic.   The intricacies and complex nature of the pinecone, both aesthetically and symbolically, were difficult to process and translate into simple styles and unique pieces of jewelry.

When I first began work on the pinecone necklaces I was making photocopies of the ends of pinecones and trying desperately to carve from my photocopy into the wax.  After hours and days of using this process I realized that the pattern was a spiral and it would be way more effective to just carve freehand in the spiral pattern.  Here are some of the photos and outcomes from my creative process:


There are over 700 varieties of conifer trees that produce different types of pinecones.  Pinecones for my inspiration were all found in Colorado but I was still left with such a variety in shape, texture, and color.  There are both male and female pinecones.  However the male pinecones are small clusters that deteriorate quickly after fertilizing the female pinecones.  The female pinecones are what we typically think of when we think of a pinecone.  They take 2 years to fully develop (in a few cases up to 3 years).  Once fully developed, the female pinecones fall to the ground and the wind spreads the new seeds.

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