New Beginnings in the New Year

Finally we can take a moment and update you all on the happenings at Colby June! Colby had her second baby, we moved to a new studio and we are still in the process of renovating the new digs!

The New Addition!

Colby’s new baby boy Christopher

While Colby was at home taking care of  her newborn and her daughter the new studio was in major renovation mode. Everyday we would come in and the studio would be one step closer to completion! Its always exciting seeing the process, so here are some pictures of the original space and the renovation process.


Yes! That is a boat in first the picture. The space we decided on for the studio was simply a garage space, but with the design and architectural talent of Bldg. Seed Architects the space day by day turned into a studio that is simplistic and beautiful! The renovation of the front part of the studio was the most time consuming. Here are some shots of the process.






The front office desks!

The front office is almost finished, but we couldn’t wait any longer.  We have moved in and set up operations. We have even set up a spot for the little one!

We will be back soon with more pictures of the finished studio! We would like to give a special thanks to Bldg. Seed Architects for the amazing new work space!


Studio faucet

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