Handmade Earrings & Gold Earrings: Nature Inspired Jewelry by Colby June

Sterling Silver Earrings
Sterling Silver Earrings

Looking for Gold Earrings or Handmade Earring all Inspired by Nature?

Then you have stumbled upon the perfect place for handmade gold earrings inspired by pebbles, stones, leaves, twigs and more!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step right outside your front door and be inspired by nature? Well if you lived in the Rocky Mountain town of Carbondale, Colorado (just outside of Aspen) you would wonder no further. Stepping outside her door in Carbondale, Colby June Fulton, creator of Colby June jewelry, finds herself at the foot of MT. Sopris and the surrounding Elk Mountain range as well as at the banks of the Crystal River.

The Crystal River offers river rocks and pebbles as well as banks that are surrounded by dried curled up leaves and willowy twigs and fallen decaying branches.

I am trying to create a feeling or mood with my design,” Colby explained. “The design is important to me. I am creating a simple, thoughtful design that’s not overwhelming. It accentuates simple details that I see in nature.” For example, Colby’s Compose Decompose line, the firm’s most popular collection, “is a study of sticks and stones.”  Colby June’s collections are textural and coolly tactile. “The smooth and lightly textured rocks feel so soothing to the touch, while the detailed branch forms are delicate and sensual,” Colby commented.

Silver & Gold Earring Coral Earrings
Silver & Gold Coral Earrings

Among the Handmade & Gold Earrings Collections that Colby June has Created are the:

  • Sticks and Stones handmade earrings line,
  • Grama and Seed Collections that were inspired by Colorado native grasses, and
  • Nest collection, gold leaf earrings, inspired by “the beautiful sculptural homes created by birds.”
  • Coral collection inspired by the sea,  14k Gold Earrings

Colby designs handmade earrings in her Colorado Avenue studio, a former garage that has been re-envisioned and recreated by Carbondale’s Building Seed architects. She sculpts patterns from wax, and then sends the molds to firms in Denver or Colorado Springs, where they are used to make castings that are filled with silver, gold or bronze. The metal castings are shipped back to Carbondale, where Colby finishes, sizes and assembles the handmade earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces that are displayed in the Colby June Studio.

Here’s Just a Few of Our 5 Star Customer Reviews:

Gorgeous! Love them! Quick turnaround! So unique and special! Thank you!…about the  Oak Branch Earrings

Perfect size and weight. Great sparkle …about the 3 Tear Raw Earrings

Earrings arrived very promptly and I love them! I think I have worn them every day since I received them. Thank you! …about the Sterling Rock Studs

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Gold Earrings: Silver & Gold Triangle Earrings
Gold Earrings: Silver & Gold Triangle Earrings

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I take great pride in creating beautiful gold & sterling silver earrings & jewelry inspired by nature for my amazing clients!

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Colby June Jewelry offers contemporary Handcrafted Earrings for their adoring & fast growing list of customers. Their nature inspired jewelry designs include coral gold earrings and studs, dangling leaf sterling silver earrings or river rock inspired studs. Mix and match their natural collection of gold and handmade earrings earrings for your own creative expression!

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