People often ask if I draw my designs first. Sketching is part of my process. I tend to sketch to get ideas from my head onto paper so I don’t forget them later. I also use my sketches as a reference so I can make the piece again. I spend very little time designing on paper. The sketches are rough and rudimentary.
Below are excerpts from one of my many sketch books. Unfortunately I am not organized enough to have just one sketch book. I have random books scattered around and tend to pick up the one nearest to me when I have an idea.

Sketches from the seed collection

Simple Seed Necklace

You can see the  simple seed necklace sketch above.  And below is a photo of the actual necklace after conception and creation.

Another page with designs from the Seed Collection

This is just a quick sketch of a branch I had in my studio. I rarely just draw anymore.   I used to draw and paint a lot. Now most of my creative time and energy goes into jewelry.

These are design ideas from the compose decompose collection.

Below is a photo of the Branch Earrings and you can see them sketched above.

Branch Earrings

Today I mailed out new carved wax pieces to be cast– I can’t give away too much about the new collection but I can say think Wild Things…