Fall Photos that Inspire New Work

This morning was the most beautiful fall morning.  I’m sure lots of jewelry will be inspired from the photos I took on my walk with my husband and my dog. I have been really drawn to leaves lately, especially now as they are changing color, shriveling up into dramatic shapes and falling off the trees.

I like the color and skeletal nature of these leaves.  They are like a thin layer of skin and you can see its veins.  I think about how to recreate the texture and delicate forms in wax.

tranparent leaves

These leaves make a nice composition sparsely attached and revealing the branch structures.   I want the composition of my jewelry to be organic and have the feeling it grew over time in a natural way. pear leaves

These leaves just seem feminine, sensual, and energized.  I like how expressive they are.


This gorgeous land is located at the base of Mt. Sopris up the Crystal river outside Carbondale, Colorado.


More leaves… the bits of moisture on the leaves are right at that point between frost and water. I like to recreate a feeling and sometimes I don’t use the literal shapes but the feeling of the whole picture could inspire a form or piece.



Creative Process for Compose Decompose Collection

Compose Decompose

My new pieces came together from some photos I took of  branches around my house.  We have a lot of scrub oak with really interesting branch structures.  I like the way the branch sillouettes look against the sky in the fall and winter when they have no leaves.

Oak Branch Earrings in Sterling Silver and Bronze with 14kt gold
Rock Bracelets in Sterling Silver and Bronze

The rock aspect of the collection was originally  inspired from rocks I found at the Oregon Coast.  On beach walks, I collected rocks that were almost black and very smooth.  I took some back with me to Colorado.  I liked to have all the rocks in a pile on my work

bench.  When I cleared off my work space and just had those smooth black rocks it felt very zen and they were simple and beautiful.  When I thought about a new direction somehow the rocks and branches came together.  They were both raw and structural but the rock and stick forms seemed to balance each other.  Then of course I was noticing the river rocks at the Crystal River near my house.  When the river is low, there are so many colored smooth rocks on the river bed.  So those rocks also made it into my studio and into my work.

Naming a collection

It is always difficult to name a collection.  Compose Decompose refers more to the process of creating pieces than the actual pieces.  When you carve a piece out of wax you are either building up wax or taking away wax and usually it is a combination of both.  It also is a reference to  mother nature– how plants, animals, and humans grow and are built up and then slowly decompose until they are transformed to help new growth,  generating the cycle of life.

Branch and Twig Ring in Sterling Silver


All the amazing photos of my work above and on my web site www.colbyjune.com are taken by Clarissa Schneider.  She lives in Denver where she does excellent photography.

River Rock Necklace, Bronze and Silver
River Rock Necklace, Bronze and Silver