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    Sketches are a mere reminder of a detailed picture in my mind.  Designing these engagement rings I like to maintain organic forms while including an element of surprise and mystery yet keeping it minimal– all good qualities to have in a marriage.


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  • A Union of Craft and Design

    Our first collaboration with Hayden Mayer of HM Jewelry was a complete success!  We designed and crafted an engagement ring for a young couple.  The minimal yet classic ring is a rose cut diamond solitaire with a delicate fishtail pave band.  This recent collaboration has inspired an engagement ring line pairing Colby June’s nature inspired aesthetic with HM Jewelry’s exceptional craftsmanship.  Images below are from the collaborative process between Colby June, Hayden, and our inspiring clients.


    Colby June and HM Jewelry will be unveiling WED an engagement ring line

    in the spring of 2017.


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  • Head Over Heels for Oregon Sunstone

    Sunstone is a stone of leadership, personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Reflecting the qualities of light, it brings openness, benevolence, warmth, strength, and mental clarity.

    5mm sunstone stone warrior studs

    In our most recent collection, we incorporated Oregon Sunstones, and have since become a little obsessed. Few people are familiar with Oregon Sunstone, which is far more rare and valuable than sunstones mined elsewhere. Although the color can range from water clear, to soft pinks, deep reds, yellows and even blue and green, we are using the soft pink, peach gems with lots of schiller. Schiller refers to the aventurescence, or optical effect of metallic glitter which arises from miniscule flecks of rhombic and hexagonal pieces of copper embedded in the stone. It is the copper element that makes Oregon Sunstones unique. The copper flecks shimmer and glow as they catch the light.

    earring stack with sunstones and onyx


    sunstone rings14k stone shield studs

    **Our Oregon Sunstones are certified level 1 fair trade.

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  • Unveiling the Bone Collection at The Launch Pad

    Last Friday was the unveiling of the Bone Collection at the Launchpad in Carbondale. We had an amazing turn out of people from Aspen to Glenwood and want to thank everyone for their support!
    We teamed up with  CCAH for the opening reception for “From Our Valley To The World: Four National Geographic Photographers”, an exhibition in honor of Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s 50th Anniversary.
    Curated by Andrea Wallace, Anderson Ranch’s Artistic Director of Photography and New Media, the exhibition opened to the public on Friday, July 1, in the R2 Gallery at The Launchpad located at 76 S. 4th Street in Carbondale. The show is comprised of the work of David Hiser, Dick Durrance, Nicholas DeVore III, and Peter McBride, all of whom made their homes in the Roaring Fork Valley while they traversed the world to make the compelling images that define National Geographic photography.
     Anne Buchanan displayed her beautiful jewelry as an Artique Featured Artist at the Launch Pad. Anne Buchanan is an artisan who designs beautiful jewelry from her grandfather’s heirloom feathers.
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  • The Bone Collection: The Dichotomy of The Female Warrior

    The Bone Collection tells the story of the woman with a warrior spirit. A woman is made up of many complex facets and the collection serves to represent both the warrior spirit and goddess spirit within each female. Certain pieces evoke the raw fierceness of a warrior and others the evoke sensuality and tenderness of a goddess.



    In designing this collection we hoped to represent and engage the complex woman through the blending of seemingly inconsistent textures. The woman who wears these pieces layers her fierce pieces with her goddess pieces to find a balance.



    The bone that inspired the collection has smooth sensual aspects and fierce angles, portraying the dichotomy of the female warrior. We incorporated soft sunstone and raw, rose cut diamonds combining strength and gentleness; secrecy and openness. Conflicting but balanced qualities that represent the Colby June warrior woman.

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  • Creative Process at Colby June: It Takes a Village

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    Colby June Process Video

    One of the best parts of my job is opportunity I have to work with other ardent creatives. I truly enjoy working with impassioned professionals who really consider their work a life-calling. It is inspiring to be in their presence and collaboration with passionate people always has an enormously positive effect on the creative process at Colby June.




    However, the initial stages of the process are incredibly personal and solitary. In those initial weeks, words cannot describe the collection yet. I’m simply evoking a feeling or a sense of something through my physical pieces. It’s a highly visual and surprisingly non-verbal process.

    Once, that phase is complete, I get feedback from my partner Amanda on the final designs and we dive into the story creation. The collaboration of a brilliant group of creatives, brings the narrative of the collection to life. From our photographers and videographers, to the models, our PR team to the stylists, each person tells the story through their own lens. The collaboration of everyone makes the whole greater than its parts and I am incredibly grateful to work with the team I do at Colby June.


    Film – Vital Films
    Photographer- Natalia Mills 
    Hair Stylist- Carina Redmond
    Makeup Stylist- Vanessa Leighton

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  • Finding Inspiration: The Bone Collection


    It’s no secret that Colorado wildlife inspires my work and the Bone Collection is no exception. I can point to the exact moment, and even the exact piece of bone, that inspired my newest collection at Colby June.

    While walking along the banks of the Crystal River near Mount Sopris, I found a small bone. I picked it up and as I ran my fingers over the soft curved edges, I imagined where the bone originated. Likely an elk or a deer, but it was alone, on the riverbank, washed up and into my path.

    The oldest known pieces of jewelry were objects like this piece, with holes drilled in order to wear on string, and in my minds eye, I imagine that this particular piece would have been coveted in primitive times.


    I loved the way the bone was still jagged at the top, with a beautiful but grotesque texture that both pushes you away but pulls you in. The push and pull of nature inspires me daily, and I tried to bring that conflicting emotion of desire into this collection.

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  • Found in the Details: The Texture of Holbox Island


    Holbox Island is an Instagrammer’s paradise with its sweeping views of white sand beaches, aquamarine waters and hammocks swinging between palm trees. But for me, it’s the tiny details that you only see upon second glace, that I found boundless inspiration.



    I was captivated by the sensuality of seaweed. The shapes and textures it formed evoked emotion and expressivity.



    Texture is paramount to my designs and nature has taught me the art of contrasting textures in close proximity. From exquisitely haphazard configurations to the most soothing repetitious patterns, variation in wildlife has a purpose and it inspires me to push the boundaries of texture.

    The fun of designing jewelry comes in translating the emotion behind the texture. I want to convey the fierceness from a spiky sea urchin and sensuality of a smooth, sand-washed shell.

    Colby June is conceived by tiny moments, the unobvious, the subtle. From Aspen Mountain to the beach pathways of Holbox Island, the unassuming details of nature continue to serve as my greatest inspiration.

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  • Colby June Photoshoot

    We are launching our new collection mid June and we just wrapped our photoshoot. The energy and high spirit were the perfect combination to make this shoot a success. The whole team really pulled out all the stops to create something very special. We had an amazing time and here are some behind the scenes highlights of the day.











    Photography: Natalia Mills

    Video film: Vital Films

    Makeup: Vanessa Leighton

    Hair: Carina Redmond

    Photorapher’s Assistant:

    Models: Courtnay Edwards, Yahaira Benitez and Amanda Redmond

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  • Motherhood: The Ultimate Inspiration

     Mother’s Day is a time to honor the most important women in our lives. It’s also a time to feel grateful for the ultimate privilege of being a mother. 

    IMG_3828One of the most incredible gifts of motherhood is watching your children’s personalities form. Witnessing your babies develop their own sense of self is the greatest gift. I have two kids who inspire me daily, in surprisingly different ways. 
    My daughter has a very strong will. She is incredibly creative and loves to express herself through fashion. I see much of myself in her as I watch her make jewelry out of beads, paper, wire… or anything else she can get her hands on. I can’t wait for the day she can translate her designs to metalwork. She is fearless and inspires me to be a strong role model on her behalf.  
    My son is a truly kind soul. His sweet interactions with his friends and his sister are a consistent reminder to put more kindness into the world. He loves to make order out of chaos, showcasing an analytical mind that I am in awe of, but he mostly inspires me with his genuinely happy and joyfulnature.
    I can’t help but feel grateful for the chance to reflect on my children and also all of the wonderful mothers in my life on this day. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Colby June.